Please enable fast forward for user branches

Joel Brobecker
Tue Mar 30 12:52:12 GMT 2021

> > Actually, we do use the git-hooks (
> > which allow per-reference configuration of that restriction. That's
> > what I was trying to explain in my message.
> gotcha
> iiuc, the hooks are only accessible to a handful of devs who have admin
> access (i.e. ssh terminal on  could we move these to
> git themselves ?  in past admin roles, i'd setup the hooks as yet another
> git repo for people to clone so people could send patches, or if review
> systems were available, to send PR's.  only admins could approve, but
> everyone could still contribute & review directly.

The configuration is actually already accessible through Git,
inside the repository itself. The location is inspired from Gerrit:
It's in a file called project.config in the special reference

The hooks themselves are under GitHub, and there is what I hope
a good reference file that explains how to use the hooks.


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