Three more days left before the 2.30 release...

Nick Clifton
Fri Jan 26 16:58:00 GMT 2018

Hi Mark, Hi H.J.,

>> Mark - can you confirm/deny this.  If there is only one note in the section
>> does the section alignment matter ?
> I believe binutils ld will not merge ELF NOTE sections or segments that
> have different alignments now. But other tools might try to do that
> since normal GNU ELF notes all use the same alignment (some might not
> even have the alignment set), so they won't know they cannot. The
> problem is that even if the notes might be in separate sections or
> segments that code will assume it can read them all and seeing bogus
> data in one they will most likely stop processing any others.

OK - so H.J. - can you live with the alignment of the 
section is set to 4 bytes even for ELFCLASS64 objects ?  I know that this
is not what you want, but if it is going to (potentially) break other tools
then I think that it would be a bad thing.


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