[RFC][MIPS] What to do about DT_MIPS_RLD_MAP and PIE

Matthew Fortune Matthew.Fortune@imgtec.com
Thu Nov 13 16:37:00 GMT 2014

Roland McGrath <roland@hack.frob.com> writes:
> I think it makes sense to define this arch-independent.

OK, unless anyone objects I will prepare patches on that basis.

It looks like there are no GNU tags defined yet in the 'new'
OS range for tags. Should I just take the first one?

#define DT_GNU_RLD_MAP 0x6000000d


== from binutils include/elf/common.h ==

/* Note, the Oct 4, 1999 draft of the ELF ABI changed the values
   for DT_LOOS and DT_HIOS.  Some implementations however, use
   values outside of the new range (see below).  */
#define OLD_DT_LOOS     0x60000000
#define DT_LOOS         0x6000000d
#define DT_HIOS         0x6ffff000
#define OLD_DT_HIOS     0x6fffffff

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