powerpc-vxworks testers needed

Kwok Cheung Yeung kcy@codesourcery.com
Thu Mar 27 12:40:00 GMT 2014

> Now, I don't have access to a powerpc-vxworks system, so this patch
> might leave vxworks broken due to additional features being enabled.
> For example, TLS optimisation will now occur on powerpc-vxworks, and
> I don't have any information on how TLS is implemented on vxworks.
> Hopefully, it follows my original ppc tls implementation in terms of
> code and reloc sequences..  If not, I'd like to hear about problems
> now rather than a week or so after the next binutils release.  ;)

I have backported your patches for the PPC476 workaround to an older 
version of binutils (a snapshot of 2.19, dating from around the middle 
of 2009). Automated Dejagnu testing shows no noticeable regressions on 
PowerPC VxWorks.


Kwok Yeung

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