Ping#2: [PATCH, resend] arm: fix extension feature disabling

Nicholas Clifton
Mon Dec 22 08:40:00 GMT 2014

Hi Jan,

> As was the case when having sent this first 1.5 years ago - no response

Obviously nobody seems to care very much about this topic.  But it is 
still my fault that your emails have not received a response, so I 
apologise.  I will endeavour to do better in the future, and please feel 
free to ping me directly if you fail to receive a response through the 
mailing list.

>> 2014-11-14  Jan Beulich <>
>> 	* gas/config/tc-arm.c (struct arm_option_extension_value_table):
>> 	Split field "value" into fields "merge_value" and "clear_value".
>> 	(arm_extensions): Adjust initializer accordingly.

Approved - please apply.


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