[PATCH] PR gold/17729: [gold] gold failed to build x32 libgo

Matthias Klose doko@ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 19 11:06:00 GMT 2014

> X32 uses cmp %fs:NN,%esp, lea NN(%rsp),%r10d, lea NN(%rsp),%r11d,
> instead of cmp %fs:NN,%rsp, lea NN(%rsp),%r10, lea NN(%rsp),%r11.
> This patch handles it.  Tested on Linux/x86-64 with x32 and x86-64 libgo.
> OK to install?  Thanks.

I ran the go testsuite for both GCC 4.9 and trunk, now showing the same results
for x32 as for ix86 and ix86_64.


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