binutils/ld: mips linux build broken in latest -git head

Andrew Bennett
Mon Dec 8 15:35:00 GMT 2014

> I bisected the issue again because after looking at your patch it didn't
> seem right that it was the real cause, and this time I found the
> real culprit: Commit 53df40a43c968f4d97754226d62775d1fe665459 (
> (Sort relocs output by ld -r) by Alan Modra.
> I manually removed the patch from binutils-git and got a working kernel.
> Very sorry for the noise!

Thats alright; I had already realised that it was this patch, and was drafting
up an email when I got your reply.  I have added some extra information to 
your email to Alan to better explain why you were getting the error messages.



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