Add sparc64-rtems target

Joel Sherrill
Mon May 24 11:56:00 GMT 2010

On 05/24/2010 06:51 AM, Nick Clifton wrote:
> Hi Joel,
>> We have a new RTEMS port and need to get the tool
>> support merged. Not much to the patch except
>> to add cases to configure files. OK to commit
>> to the head?
> Umm, does this mean that with this patch applied it will be possible to
> build a toolchain configure for sparc64-rtems, but that this toolchain
> will not work ?  (In the sense that the binutils part of the toolchain
> will not be able to output valid sparc64-rtems binaries).  If so then I
> do not think that the patch should be applied until you are ready to
> contribute the remaining patches needed to support sparc64-rtems.  If on
> the other hand you mean that the binutils will support sparc64-rtems
> just fine and it is other tools (gcc ? gdb?) that need some extra
> patches, then this particular patch is approved.
I just mean we are about to branch an RTEMS release and
we are not merging this port until after the branch is made.

There is only a binutils and gcc patch.  It works after that.

The only caveat is that you have to explicitly enable 64 bit bfd
at configure for this target and it would be nice to have it

> Cheers
>     Nick

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