Add sparc64-rtems target

Nick Clifton
Mon May 24 11:51:00 GMT 2010

Hi Joel,

> We have a new RTEMS port and need to get the tool
> support merged. Not much to the patch except
> to add cases to configure files. OK to commit
> to the head?

Umm, does this mean that with this patch applied it will be possible to 
build a toolchain configure for sparc64-rtems, but that this toolchain 
will not work ?  (In the sense that the binutils part of the toolchain 
will not be able to output valid sparc64-rtems binaries).  If so then I 
do not think that the patch should be applied until you are ready to 
contribute the remaining patches needed to support sparc64-rtems.  If on 
the other hand you mean that the binutils will support sparc64-rtems 
just fine and it is other tools (gcc ? gdb?) that need some extra 
patches, then this particular patch is approved.


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