time to be serious about dropping CVS

Joel Brobecker brobecker@adacore.com
Fri Jan 1 08:02:00 GMT 2010

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!

Since I started using SVN, and even more so since I started using git,
I have found that using CVS is very inconvenient, bordering on unbearable.
But now that I'm making massive mechanical changes (Start of New Year
procedure), I am really having a hard time accepting it - Just to do a diff
in order to verify my changes took 11mins. Same for the commit.  Another
smaller diff aborted 2mins after I started it because I made a mistake
in the command line.

There is no reason why every contributor should be continuing to waste
more time because we're stuck with an outdated tool.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes to switch to either SVN or git.
The problem is that i don't know how to solve the one sticky issue
of partial-checkouts :-).

Right now, git is so much more powerful and fast, that I will personally
focus on a transition to git.  What I'd like to do is for a group of
motivated contributors to form a "task force" whose goal is to come up
with possible suggestions on how to transition, and then offer them up
for review, with pros and cons, to the maintainers of the affected
projects.  Target date - I'm thinking sometime during the summer,
maybe the GCC Summit? At the very latest, end of year 2010.

Anyone interested, please email me.


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