hppa unwind entries

Nick Hudson nick.hudson@dsl.pipex.com
Wed Dec 12 13:18:00 GMT 2007


Here's a test case that produces incorrect unwind entries on hpppa

$ cat foo.s
        .export foo, entry
        .label foo
        .callinfo frame=0

	bv      %r0(%rp)
        .size foo, .-foo
$ hppa--netbsd-as -o foo.o foo.s
$ hppa--netbsd-ld -Ttext 0x20000 -e foo -o foo foo.o
$ readelf -u foo

Unwind section '.PARISC.unwind' at offset 0x1008 contains 1 entries:

<foo+1000>: [0x21000-0x21004]


Note the "<foo+1000>"

It seems to me that the calculation of text_segment_base and data_segment_base 
are incorrect and here's a patch that address the problem by using the method 
ia64 SEGREL stuff is done.

Is this right? Is there a simpler way?

All help gratefully received.

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