binutils doc on

Karl Berry
Sun Nov 26 17:30:00 GMT 2006


Hans-Peter (cc'd) suggested to the GNU webmasters that the binutils doc
on be kept to date, and also that
information about this would be useful.  So here it is.  If irrelevant
to you, please ignore, and sorry to bother.

In brief, perhaps the most common way to generate the various output
formats for Texinfo manuals is using the utility script.
Here's the web page I wrote describing it:

Of course, to check the files in, the CVS "web repository" for the binutils
project on should be used.  I expect you knew that :).

If you do start updating the manuals on, please let me know, so
I can update

Incidentally, even if you don't bother with, it would be helpful
for that web page if you could make a generic link on,
such as  That way it wouldn't be
necessary to update with every release.

If there's anything I can do to help along these lines, just let me know.


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