BFD: Failed assertion on arm only (binutils 2.16.1)

Michael Tautschnig
Sat Nov 25 16:35:00 GMT 2006

Hi all!

I've lately adopted the Debian binutils package for h8300-hitachi-coff. As
support for this target has been dropped as of 2.17, I'm sticking with 2.16.1.

Building binutils went fine, but on ARM only building gcc 4.1.2 failed with an
assertion in coffgen.c, line 1808 (see;ver=4.1.1-3;arch=arm;stamp=1164066170
for the complete build log). 

Are there any known issues around ARM builds? I had a look at the code, but I
couldn't spot any reason why this assertion could ever fail. Does anybody have
any clues about that piece of code? Note that I hasn't changed in any
fundamental way in current CVS head.

Thanks in advance,

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