Drawing rectangle problem in gnu assembly

A D a_d_249@hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 16:44:00 GMT 2006

>Nick Clifton  wrote:
> >DC wrote:
> >Hi there! I'm trying to learn gnu assembly from home.
>Unfortunately there is no such thing as "gnu assembly".  The assembler 
>produced by this project can handle lots of different instruction sets, 
>depending upon how it is configured, and for almost all of them the 
>assembler conforms to the syntax specified by the instruction set's 
>creators.  Thus when talking about the GNU assembler, you really need to 
>specify which instruction set you are using.
> >I want to draw a filled rectangle on my monitor using gnu assembly 
> >language.
>Are you sure ?  This is a very bad idea.  Drawing objects on monitors is 
>really not the domain of assembly language (any more...).  The best 
>approach is to use a high level toolkit such as Qt that can take care of 
>all of the low level work for you.
> > Can anyone tell me what do i have to do(the theory) for that or >anyone  
>be kind enough to produce a source code?
>Sorry, but this is way outside the purview of this mailing list.  We are 
>here to support the users of the GNU binutils, not to teach graphics.

Thanks for your input. One last question: can you direct me to a website or 
reference where i can gain more knowledge regarding this matter? I really 
want to solve this problem. Thanks.


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