Drawing rectangle problem in gnu assembly

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Wed Nov 22 09:37:00 GMT 2006

Hi Steve,

> Hi there! I'm trying to learn gnu assembly from home.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as "gnu assembly".  The assembler 
produced by this project can handle lots of different instruction sets, 
depending upon how it is configured, and for almost all of them the 
assembler conforms to the syntax specified by the instruction set's 
creators.  Thus when talking about the GNU assembler, you really need to 
specify which instruction set you are using.

> I want to draw a filled rectangle on my monitor using gnu 
> assembly language.

Are you sure ?  This is a very bad idea.  Drawing objects on monitors is 
really not the domain of assembly language (any more...).  The best 
approach is to use a high level toolkit such as Qt that can take care of 
all of the low level work for you.

 > Can anyone tell me what do i have to do(the theory) for that or 
anyone > be kind enough to produce a source code?

Sorry, but this is way outside the purview of this mailing list.  We are 
here to support the users of the GNU binutils, not to teach graphics.


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