very odd linker error GCC ld 3.4.6

Dave Korn
Fri Nov 17 18:05:00 GMT 2006

On 16 November 2006 19:35, CARTER-HITCHIN, David, GBM wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Good spot.  I did need to refresh my memory there, thanks.
> Now I checked the function in the library where it is defined
> and it still comes up with a U beside it. This is extremely
> odd since the compiler succeeds and makes no complaints about
> the function.  It's a small, simple C function.  Most odd.

  The compiler doesn't complain about functions missing, because for all it
knows they're just compiled in a different .C file and extern'd.  I suspect
some kind of #ifdeffery might be responsible and it's not even trying to
compile in the function.  You'll need to build the library from source, look
through the logs, check whether or not there is a gcc invocation to compile
that particular source file and what -D flags it may be using on the command
line.  Then check the .o file that's generated, make sure if it has the
function in or not; then look for whether or not that .o file actually gets
placed into the library .a archive file when ar is invoked.

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