Adding vle functionality to /ld/scripttempl/

Kristi Morton
Wed Aug 24 15:38:00 GMT 2005

Edmar and I have added some functionality to the default linker 
script file to generate the .texv (text vle code), aligned on a 64K 
boundary.  Do you forsee any problems with us committing this code to 
the default elf linker script:

.texv ALIGN(0x10000) ${RELOCATING-0} :
   *(.texv ${RELOCATING+ .texv.*})
 } =${NOP-0}

We created a new program header segment in bfd/elf.c for VLE and have 
utilized new program and section header flags. I'm not 100% sure if this 
will work and not break anything else.

It was suggested by Ian that we create additional program headers 
explicitly through PHDRS.  However this will be a tedious task since 
there is not a way to easily add a new program header segment to the 
current ones without having to define every program header manually.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this matter would be appreciated.


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