objcopy - adding a section to the process image

Ian Lance Taylor ian@wasabisystems.com
Fri Jan 30 20:08:00 GMT 2004

Guilherme Destefani <gd@helixbrasil.com.br> writes:

> I'm using objcopy to add a section to a ELF file.
> Everything went just fine using this command line:
> ./objcopy umount umount_copy --add-section .secname=secfile
> --set-section-flags .secname=load,contents,data,readonly,alloc
> --change-section-address .secfile=0x8053310 --verbose
> And the section was added to the file (readelf), and the section header
> table was updated just fine.
> How do I update the program header table, to map that section on the
> virtual memory of the process?

There is no way to do this using objcopy.



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