Patch H8/300 : Linker relaxation for ldc and stc instructions

Kazu Hirata
Sat Jan 24 08:47:00 GMT 2004

Hi Anil,

> Please find a patch which adds into comments for relaxation of ldc.w
> and stc.w instructions.

Thanks for an update.  Would you provide a ChangeLog entry for
coff-h8300.c and elf32-h8300.c?  Speaking of ChangeLog, do you have a
ChangeLog entry for your testcases?

> +	       "bxor", "ldc.w", "stc.w" and "mov.[bwl]"

Please leave a comma before and.  Although some people omit it or say
it's optional, many grammar resources (and my English teacher :-) say
it's required.

> +	   "stc.w" and "mov.[bwl]"


You might want to submit a complete patch, including all ChangeLog
entries and patches, so that it will be easier for Alan or Nick to
review and apply your patch.


Kazu Hirata

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