binutils ld update with auto-import from dll's ?`

Ralf Habacker
Tue Jan 14 00:43:00 GMT 2003

> patience.  cgf is the maintainer for binutils on cygwin, but I'm sure he
> has his hands full getting ready for the imminent 1.3.19 cygwin kernel
> release.
> BTW, Danny reported a problem with Fabrizio Gennari's "create an export
> section for .exe's" patch and relocatable linking.  Danny sent privately
> a modified version that corrects the problem, but like Fabrizio's
> original version we are awaiting an FSF release from Fabrizio. [Danny,
> you didn't copy binutils with that patch; was that an oversight?]
> (I'd bet cgf is delaying a cygwin release of binutils for Fabrizio's
> release, hoping to get this functionality "in", too)
Okay, I understand and will wait some more time.
The main problem for us is, that qt-3 isn't compilable with the recent binutils
(at least with 650 MB virtual ram, which should be more than enough).


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