binutils ld update with auto-import from dll's ?`

Charles Wilson
Mon Jan 13 18:42:00 GMT 2003

Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Hi all,
> in december 2002 Charles Wilson and I had supplied an ld patch for the
> auto-import from dll functionality.
> For the kde-cygwin project we would like to use this new stuff in the near
> future for the next qt3 release.

patience.  cgf is the maintainer for binutils on cygwin, but I'm sure he 
has his hands full getting ready for the imminent 1.3.19 cygwin kernel 

BTW, Danny reported a problem with Fabrizio Gennari's "create an export 
section for .exe's" patch and relocatable linking.  Danny sent privately 
a modified version that corrects the problem, but like Fabrizio's 
original version we are awaiting an FSF release from Fabrizio. [Danny, 
you didn't copy binutils with that patch; was that an oversight?]

(I'd bet cgf is delaying a cygwin release of binutils for Fabrizio's 
release, hoping to get this functionality "in", too)


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