Angel Navarro
Mon Jan 13 23:53:00 GMT 2003

Dear ,
I am a close confidant of the ex-president of the philipines (Mr. Estrada)
who was removed from power as you may know.

He has secretly in formed me to contact you and to liase with you to invest
the sum of $21M (Twenty one million dollars)which he deposited in a finance
house outside Philippines.

Now the proceedures are that you will be given the contact of the finance
house so that you will contact them on behalf of Mr. Estrada and make
arrangements on how this money will be transfered to your account in
your country since he cannot come out in the open to claim this money
because he is under investigation and cannot leave Philippines.

Upon request by you I will send to you the certificate of deposit of this
amount and a power of attorney as a partner and proxy of Mr. Estrada.Which
you will use to contact the finanace house and to make arrangement for the
transfer of this money into your account .
We are willing to conceed up to 25% of the total sum to you for all the
anticipated help from you hoping that it will cover all your
expenditures before and after the transaction.

However, we will desire that you will help us invest our share till we will
be free to meet you up in your country for futhertalks,
Please if this proposal is Ok by you, please write me back via this address
so that we can move ahead.


Angel Navarro

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