building binutils under cygwin on win98

Chris Faylor
Mon Jun 19 17:44:00 GMT 2000

On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 08:11:45PM -0400, Chuck Meade wrote:
>Binutils does not want to build under cygwin on win98.
>Binutils version is 2.9.1.  I untar the binutils package,
>then the cygwin bash shell, and cd to the root of binutils.
>I then type:
>  ./configure --target=powerpc-eabi
>It works for a long time checking the configuration, but I
>get a lot of errors like:
>  sed: file conftestsed line 1: Unknown option to 's'
>  sed: file conftest.hdr line 1: Unknown option to 's'
>  sed: file conftest.s1 line 1: Extra characters after command
>  sed: file conftest.frag line 1: Unknown option to 's'
>  sed: file conftest.defs line 1: Unknown option to 's'

You're suffering from CRLF line endings in your files.  You probably
want to do three things:

1) If you haven't already done so, upgrade your version of
   the cygwin DLL to the latest version.  You should be able
   to do this by downloading the file setup.exe from your
   nearest cygwin mirror (check out the cygwin web page)
   and typing "c:\wherever\setup cygwin" IN AN EMPTY DIRECORY.

2) Update your version of sed to the latest version:
	c:\wherever\setup sed

3) Make sure that either your files all standard UNIX newline line
   endings (i.e., not CRLF line endings) or that you are working
   in a directory that has been mounted as "text mode".  To mount
   a directory as text, use the command:

	mount -t c:\whatever\foo /whatever/foo

   You probably should also check out the documentation on the mount
   command at the cygwin project web page.

FYI, the cygwin project web page is .
If you are still having problems you should send email to the
cygwin project mailing list: .

>Note that I did try this both with and without CYGWIN set to "tty"
>in cygwin.bat:
>  set CYGWIN=tty
>Someone told me that might help, but it did not change anything.

Someone was wrong.  This has no bearing on this problem.


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