building binutils under cygwin on win98

Chuck Meade
Mon Jun 19 17:11:00 GMT 2000


Binutils does not want to build under cygwin on win98.
Binutils version is 2.9.1.  I untar the binutils package,
then the cygwin bash shell, and cd to the root of binutils.
I then type:

  ./configure --target=powerpc-eabi

It works for a long time checking the configuration, but I
get a lot of errors like:

  sed: file conftestsed line 1: Unknown option to 's'

  sed: file conftest.hdr line 1: Unknown option to 's'

  sed: file conftest.s1 line 1: Extra characters after command

  sed: file conftest.frag line 1: Unknown option to 's'

  sed: file conftest.defs line 1: Unknown option to 's'

The above errors appear multiple times throughout the output
of ./configure (except the last error which only appears once).
There is, of course, much more output from ./configure but these
are the only discernable error messages.  The make command fails
after configure stops with the following error:

  Makefile:133: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.

This appears to be a problem with configure's ability to create
files under cygwin on win98.

Note that I did try this both with and without CYGWIN set to "tty"
in cygwin.bat:

  set CYGWIN=tty

Someone told me that might help, but it did not change anything.

Thanks for your help and let me know if I can provide any more
information, output, version numbers, etc...  I did look for an
FAQ first by emailing, but the
FAQ that is returned is empty.


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