RFA: command line switches for QED series of MIPS processors.

Nick Clifton nickc@cygnus.com
Sat Jun 17 14:52:00 GMT 2000

Hi John,

: Can you expand on the motivation for these patches ?

I am attempting to keep the GCC sources in synch with the internal
copy of the sources at Red Hat.

: Since you only add QED CPUs, and not e.g. (NEC) VR5432, VR5264
: or (IDT) RC64574, RC64575, it looks - in itself - like a marketing
: exercise commisioned by QED.

This is probably correct.  All I know is that as part of a contract
with QED we (Cygnus/Red Hat) were asked to add these command line
switches and to contribute them back to the net community.

There may be more optimisations to follow, but if so, I am not
scheduled to do the work, so I do not know what might be involved.

As for complicating the command line, I do not really think that is a
serious problem.  I would expect that users would prefer to type in
the exact name of the cpu that they are targetting (if they know it) or
the cannonical name (if they do not).


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