cvs update

Kevin Buettner
Tue Jun 13 22:59:00 GMT 2000

On Jun 13,  9:17pm, Ulf Carlsson wrote:

> I constantly keep doing ``cvs update -PdR''.  When I do this I get a bunch of
> new things that I don't get when I do a ``cvs co binutils'' and I have to
> fix my CVS local tree manually.  Is the update command just broken or is
> this intentional?  I think it worked before the major restructuring of the
> CVS tree a while ago.

I think it's the -d switch that's causing problems for you.  This
switch (at least for me) has a tendency to add back all of the old
cruft that's been removed from the trunk of the repository.  I'm not
sure, but I think it might also add stuff that's been added to a
branch, but not the trunk.

I usually find that ``cvs update'' (without any additional options)
works fine for me.  It will pick up any new files (in already existing
directories) that've been added.  It won't pick up new directories. 
But new directories don't get added all that often, and when they do,
someone will usually tell you about them by a post to the appropriate
mailing list.  You can then issue the appropriate set of ``cvs checkout''
commands to bring yourself up to date.


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