Broken .hidden support in current binutils on ia32

Martin v. Loewis
Mon Jun 5 23:34:00 GMT 2000

> Never the less we have to revamp the autoconf test to also check for broken
> visibility support or it'll bite us on and on. Is anybody more familiar with
> the ELF visibility support able to come up with a short test for it that we
> could use for this purpose?

That is hardly possible. Please understand that there is not really a
bug in the binutils, it's just that the dynamic linker is does not
match the expectations of the static linker. Anything testing for
*that* is going to be very complicated and very specific. So far, the
broken code lives only in binutils snapshots, and I think it is
reasonable to expect people to upgrade to a later snapshot or a
released version if they run into the problem - of course, assuming
that the released version really does fix the problem.


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