WinCE support in LD

Ian Lance Taylor
Wed Feb 23 18:30:00 GMT 2000

   From: Nick Clifton <>

   :    + 	  if (ldfile_open_file_search (arch->name, entry, "", ".lib"))
   :    + 	    return;
   : 	   }
   : 	   einfo (_("%F%P: cannot find %s\n"), entry->local_sym_name);
   : 	 }
   : It seems like this will force every system to start looking for .lib
   : files.  That seems definitely wrong on a Unix system.

   Why - just because it would slow the link down, or are you worried
   that the linker might actually find files ending in .lib that it
   should not be looking at ?

Both.  The former is an annoyance which we should avoid.  The latter
is simply incorrect.  The linker is documented to look at a certain
set of files.  To look at other files can only be called a bug.

   : I think this needs to be made emulation specific somehow.

   That seems to be the problem - how to tell which emulation is
   currently the target.  Maybe we need another field in the
   ld_emulation_xfer_struct which is a find-potential-libraries function?  

Probably.  We already have ldemul_open_dynamic_archive.


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