Binutils repository freeze is (finally!) over

Andreas Schwab
Mon Feb 7 03:29:00 GMT 2000

Jason Molenda <> writes:

|> On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 12:06:50PM +0100, Andreas Schwab wrote:
|> > |>     cvs -z9 -d co binutils 
|> > This does not work.  It will check out the tree under src/binutils/...,
|> > not the directory I want (binutils/...), causing a full checkout.
|> I think you are mistaken.  Previously, you would do
|>  % cvs -z9 -d co binutils 
|> And you'd get a tree that looked like this:
|>   binutils
|>   binutils/binutils
|>   binutils/libiberty
|>   binutils/bfd
|> Now, you do the above command and you'll get
|>   src
|>   src/binutils
|>   src/libiberty
|>   src/bfd

What I want is a directory "binutils" that contains the complete binutils
source, just as I had before.  I also have a directory "gcc" that contains
the complete gcc source, etc.

I have tried "cvs co -d binutils binutils", but that only gets me the
binutils subdirectory, no bfd, opcodes, etc.


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