make check on mipsel-linux

Ralf Baechle
Fri Oct 22 15:29:00 GMT 1999

On Fri, Oct 22, 1999 at 05:40:32PM +0530, Koundinya.K wrote:

> 	I have seen on some mails on this list that the linux-mips people are still 
> using older versions of binutils i.e 2.8.1 and above.
> Once Ralf Beachle was mentioning < >.

Hey, I know this guy ;-)

> I don't know if the newer binutils snapshots have been compiled before for 
> mipsel-linux ??. Has there been any transition from older binutils to newer 
> one at all ??. One person ( I can't get his name ) too had many problems. If 
> not, since the elf32 and elf46 related mips sources in BFD have undergone 
> major re-writes for IRIX and the n32 and n64 abi , you will have to ask 
> someone about the latest state of development of binutils on linux-mips as 
> to if they are in sync with the latest happenings.

I have an about two weeks old snapshot installed on the Origin 200 which
I'm using for crosscompiling.  I'm however experiencing a number of problems
with the kernel which I'm building and I'm starting to search the problem
in binutils rather than the kernel sources.  On the other side I managed
to build most of Redhat 6.0 with a snapshot from August plus a few patches
and that seemed to work very well.

At this Ulf Carlsson ( is looking into adding the
missing N32 and 64 ABIs which we'll need for Linux/MIPS64.  He just
started, so there are no results yet.


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