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Re: [PATCH] powerpc64*: diverge sysdeps directories

I disagree with the subject of this patch: it is not diverging directories.

The powerpc64le implementation diverged when the powerpc64le directory was
created in the commit you mentioned.

You can say that you are:
 1. Fixing the order of the sysdeps directories that were broken in the same
    commit you already mentioned.  This breakage doesn't impact negatively
    the current code, but causes issues when new files are added to the
    powerpc64le directory.
 2. Preparing to add more files to the powerpc64le directory that must not
    be shared with powerpc or powerpc64, but must be reused by many powerpc64le

"Gabriel F. T. Gomes" <> writes:

> In preparation for the switch of the format of long double - from IBM
> Extended Precision to IEEE 754 128-bits floating-point - on powerpc64le,
> the sysdeps directories for powerpc64 and powerpc64le now diverge
> further to allow them to imply different sets of subdirectories from
> sysdeps.

This patch goes beyond the long double work and is necessary even if long
double was not being migrated.

This patch is making clear which code is specific to big endian or little
endian and what can be shared between them.

By the way, I believe the same kind of patch will be necessary for powerpc,
in order to avoid the issues that Alan found [1].


Tulio Magno

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