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Re: Newlib port for new architecture

Hello all,

On Monday 25 of July 2016 07:54:23 Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Hello Varun,
> as far as I know this tool partner is Hitex Development Tools GmbH and
> this company is owned by Infineon AG
> I will not register to get Binutils or GCC sources and I am not
> interested in binaries.

If they are not providing complete GCC and binutils sources
when asked by any customer and person who legally
obtained binaries then they are probably violating
GPL license.

If you have obtained GCC binaries legally they you
can ask for the sources and have right to distribute them
in original or modified form as you like.

For the case, that toolchain sources are not available to
the environment maintainers, my opinion is that spending time
by people who follow the rules and push ecosystem forward
is lost effort and time can be spent much better way.

For me (as company co-owner and embedded systems consultant
same as for teacher and researcher at university) all
architectures without open source toolchain (ideally mainline GCC)
are disqualified from choice when I am part of architecture
selection process and even many of industrial
systems building companies keep they products on older
architectures, i.e. AM335x, because they know that
Begle Bone community would survive and keep board
support uptodate.

I know many cases where renowned SBC producers behave
no different to Chinese nonames who hack one Linux kernel
version  on top of some chipmaker patches with
Android drivers and similar which they never update
to newer versions nor solve security problems. This is
not so big problem in common computing, IoT playground
and amusement systems but Tricore declares to be usable
for safety applications. Use of environment which is cannot
not be fully analyzed, rebuild etc. can lead to hazarding
with people lives in such case.

Best regards,

               Pavel Pisa

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