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HEADSUP: Extended locales and removing __part_load_locale

Hi folks,

tl;dr:  I'm planning to remove the __part_load_locale function and
        remove all calls to it because this code never worked.

Long story:

I've started to work (slowly!) on POSIX-1.2008 style locale support,
which means per-thread locales and the FOO_l functions.  While looking
into the existing code, I stumbled over the fact that __part_load_locale
has a major bug in the locale buffer handling and could never really
work as intended.

Typically small targets only have minimal locale support, i.e.  setting
LC_CTYPE and LC_MESSAGES works but nothing else.  Those don't use
__part_load_locale.  Same for Cygwin since Cygwin uses Windows locals
under the hood.

However, every other target using newlib's *extended* locale support
(#define __HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__) is and always was broken.

So, does anybody here actually use Newlib's setlocale *and* has
__HAVE_LOCALE_INFO__ defined, outside of Cygwin?

If so, please speak up.

Otherwise, I'll remove __part_load_locale and the code calling it in the
next couple of days.

I'll be already busy enough to do the groundwork and eventually to add
the necessary changes to Cygwin.  For everything else we will need a


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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