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Re: [PATCH] Make newlib manpages (v3)

On Jun 27 14:39, Jon Turney wrote:
> Add makedocbook, a tool to process makedoc markup and output DocBook XML
> refentries.
> Process all the source files which are processed with makedoc with
> makedocbook as well
> Add chapter-texi2docbook, a tool to automatically generate DocBook XML
> chapter files from the chapter .texi files.  For generating man pages all we
> care about is the content of the refentries, so all this needs to do is
> convert the @include of the makedoc generated .def files to xi:include of
> the makedocbook generated .xml files.
> Add skeleton Docbook XML book files, lib[cm].in.xml which include these
> generated chapters, which in turn include the generated files containing
> refentries, which is processed with xsltproc to generate the lib[cm].xml
> Add new make targets to generate and install man pages from lib[cm].xml

Ok, I think this should be good to go.  Please apply.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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