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[PATCH] Add continuous integration build configuration for Cygwin


I'd like to volunteer to maintain a(nother) continuous integration
build for Cygwin. Thanks to Jon Turney we recently setup an Appveyor
build for Cygwin on Windows. This time I'm proposing a Tea CI build
for Cygwin on Wine.

Attached is the build configuration, which includes three parts:
The "stage1" part build Cygwin runtime on Cygwin (on Wine), the "test"
part copy the new cygwin1.dll to override the current cygwin1.dll, and
do some simple test to verify the new runtime dll starts correctly,
the "stage2" part rebuild Cygwin using the newly built cygwin1.dll
environment as a self test.

Here are some examples for build results:
- Tea CI detects build failure of cygwin:
- Tea CI detects runtime failure of new cygwin1.dll:

We've successfully used Tea CI to detect build failure and runtime
failure before, which were already reported to upstream, I hope to
upstream this build configuration so we could detect those failures
even earlier, and I'll volunteer to maintain the build script and
monitor the build results. Please consider the patch, let me know
anything else I can do.

Regarding the new procedure for code contributions to the Cygwin
sources, since I've submitted patches to Cygwin before with Cygwin
Copyright Assignment signed, I think I'm fine here ;) But anyway I'm
happy to declare I provide my patches to Cygwin source under the
2-clause BSD license as

Thank you!

Qian Hong


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