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Re: [patch] LatticeMico32 changes

Joel Sherrill wrote:
Jeff Johnston wrote:
Hi Jukka,

The newlib portions of your patch have been checked in. As previously mentioned, you have to submit the files in the top-level directory to other lists. See Ralf's response on this subject.

I took care of that independently and it should be
committed by the end of the week according to Ben Elliston.
I fixed up your to be in sync with other machine directories and renamed your setjmp.s to setjmp.S so you will use the compiler with various target flags specified. I also generated the needed files.

Thanks Jeff.
Just so you know we are coming up to a snapshot release next week. If you want a libgloss implementation to be part of that snapshot, you need to hurry.

It's Christmas time in the city. :-D
Yes, for me too :)

I may also take a stab at merging avr setjmp/longjmp and a simple libgloss. Do you have a target day?

I'm hoping for the Thursday the 18th. I am off the following week until the New Year.

-- Jeff J.

-- Jeff J.

Jukka Pietarinen wrote:

this patch adds support for the Lattice Mico32 soft CPU. I have been working on a Mico32 port for RTEMS. The patch is based on the Lattice tool sources by Jon Beniston.

2008-12-10 Jukka Pietarinen <>

    * config.sub: Add lm32
    * Add lm32
    * newlib/ Add lm32
    * newlib/libc/include/machine/ieeefp.h: Add __lm32__
    * newlib/libc/include/machine/setjmp.h: Add __lm32__
    * newlib/libc/machine/ Add lm32
    * newlib/libc/machine/lm32/ New file
    * newlib/libc/machine/lm32/ New file
    * newlib/libc/machine/lm32/setjmp.s: New file

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