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upcoming bugzilla outage

Hi all.  Please excuse the cross-post.  And, if you do respond, please
trim the CC list (but also please continue to CC me, since I am not on
all of these lists).

I've been wanting to move gdb from gnats to bugzilla for some time
now.  I think I've finally procrastinated enough.

I intend to do the switchover next Thursday, Dec 18.  If this poses a
problem for you, please let me know.

If you are seeing this on a list other than the gdb list, it is
because this outage will take down bugzilla for your project while I
do the transition.  An outage is necessary because we would like the
converted bug IDs to be sequential.

I will dump the database before starting, so if something awful
happens, I will have a backup.  I thought you'd want to know.

I have done this upgrade several times on a local bugzilla instance,
and I think it should go reasonably well.  Still, it may take a few
hours.  I'll start in the morning, US Mountain time.

GDB readers: I'm going to disable gnats before I start.  I'll send a
patch to update the web pages.  I have a patch to fix the scripts in
CVSROOT so that commits are logged in bugzilla, not gnats.  I will
check this in once everything is working.  If you could briefly
refrain from commits which update Gnats, that would be helpful.

Overseers: I'd like to keep the gnats database around for a while,
just in case we happen to need something.  But, I think that once this
conversion is complete, we can at the very least disable the service.


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