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To: Conscientious Librarian

To: Conscientious Librarian

I earnestly recommend you a newly published book very
useful to your patrons: 

" Complete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century: The
English - Simplified Chinese Page to Page Correspondence
Display Edition, Useful for Learning Chinese " 
by Dr. John Newton. 
[hardcover: ISBN(10) 0967370531   ISBN(13) 9780967370538    
 paperback: ISBN(10) 0967370523   ISBN(13) 9780967370521]

It is a perfect book for learning Chinese and at the same
time learning good conduct for the coming years.

As you know, learning Chinese is popular nowadays.

In addition to learning Chinese, BENEFITS to each
individual reader: Many! -- such as for health, education,
work, job, career, success, self-improvement,
relationships, spirit, mind, well-being, and much more.
People around the reader will benefit, too. 

You may ask yourself
      >    How to make people like you and respect you
      >    How to win friends
      >    How to let your conduct help your health, work,
job, career, success, relationships, spirit,  mind,
well-being, ...
      >    How to make your life smoother and happier 
      >    How to do whatever you like without being
unpleasant to other people 
      >    How to develop good conduct in your children or
      >    How to make the world peaceful and better

You and the library patrons can find all the answers to
these questions, and much more, in this respectable and
lovable book.

"The complete useful conduct principles cover not only what
we should do but also what we should not do -- especially
those faults people make often and easily." 

It is praised as "a compendium of concisely expressed,
practical, informative, pertinent, workable advice" by a
professional book reviewer. 

Including indexes. USA Library of Congress
Cataloging-in-Publication data. Self-contained. 360 pages,
6" x 9".

For your convenience, I hereupon provide you with the URLs
of the Web pages where you can order the book directly and
immediately with great discounts:
(copying & pasting the URL into your browser's address box)

(A) for hardcover:


(B) for paperback:


The book is also available from the publisher and a lot of
fine bookstores, book wholesalers, book dealers and so on.

Please forward this e-mail to your colleagues having the
authority of ordering the book if you do not have it.

Your effort to conscientiously serve the library patrons
and the society will be highly appreciated.

newlib, best wishes to you!

Sincerely yours,
Donald Watson, Ph.D.

I am sending this message to you to benefit your patrons
and the society, NOT for commercial profit. I will never
share your email address with others. Thank you for your
kindly consideration. If you still want to request no
(accidental) future message from me at the email address
where this message was received, please send me a reply
email by using your email "Reply" function, with subject
line: delete (your email address)


Box 38 2584, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02238, United States
of America

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