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build tool chain with i686-elf as the target

I have been trying to build a cross tool chain for my hobby OS with i686-elf as the target.
I am using Ubuntu-7.10 gutsy, IA32 architecture.

I've successfully built binutils-2.18 and gcc-4.2.4 with the following commands.

cd $BUILD/$BINUTILS && rm -rf *
$SRC/$BINUTILS/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$CROSSTOOLS --disable-nls
make all install

#build a minimal cross-compiler first
cd $BUILD/$GCC && rm -rf *
$SRC/$GCC/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$CROSSTOOLS --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --disable-nls --without-headers --enable-languages=c
make all-gcc 
make install-gcc

I don't know how to continue with newlib.
I browsed newlib-1.16.0/newlib/libc/sys, I couldn't find any folder related with i[3-7]86 or x86. This means I have no place to put my crt0.S
and syscalls.c. Without clues, I decided to ignore this first and built newlib bravely...

cd $BUILD/$NEWLIB && rm -rf *
$SRC/$NEWLIB/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$CROSSTOOLS
make all
make install

To my surprise, it passed. I went on with the full cross-compiler building.
#build a full cross-compiler with the support of newlib
cd $BUILD/$GCC && rm -rf *
$SRC/$GCC/configure --target=$TARGET --prefix=$CROSSTOOLS --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld --with-headers="$CROSSTOOLS/$TARGET/include" --disable-nls --enable-languages=c
make all-gcc 
make install-gcc

I failed at this step with the errors below: 
/home/test/myos/build/gcc-4.2.4/./gcc/include/time.h:12: error: conflicting types for 'clock_t'
/home/test/myos/bin/cross/i686-elf/include/sys/types.h:104: error: previous declaration of 'clock_t' was here

What should I do to make this cross tool chain work?

Best regards,
Hu Jia Yi

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