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Re: Incorrect days of the week in ru_UA locale

28.09.2019 19:37 Keld Simonsen <> wrote:
> I think we should use lowercase that is what we do with manuyothe european
> locales
> and it is the culturally correct form
> keld

Thank you for your feedback, Keld.  Unfortunately, as a native speaker
of one of those languages I must say that this is more complex.
Indeed, names of the weeks and months are usually lowercase but
when they appear in the beginning of a sentence they are uppercase.
I am afraid that a name of a weekday more often appears in the beginning
of the sentence than in the middle.  To the extent that some locales
prefer the weekday and/or month names to start with the uppercase.

What we actually need is a new format modifier to control the first
letter being uppercase/lowercase.  Currently we have only "^" to convert
whole substring (e.g., a weekday name) to uppercase, and "#" to swap
the upper/lowercase.  It was discussed in the past, there is a bug
report and a proposal to ensure that "^#" works as a converter to
lowercase but this is not enough because I would like to see one more
format modifier to convert to titlecase (that is: the first letter
being uppercase).  I would be happy to work on that problem but
it is a separate case and would need more discussion.

Back about the main problem, I would like to post a patch which would
be the best explanation what I mean in this particular case.

Best regards,


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