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Re: When can we stop writing ChangeLogs?

* Siddhesh Poyarekar:

> On 30/09/19 11:56 am, Florian Weimer wrote:
>> I think we need to establish a procedure for commit message review as
>> well.  I would like to be able to tell, based on the posted patch, what
>> the commit will look like exactly.  Right now, we have a lot of variance
>> there, and there have been quite a few surprises (apart from purely
>> accidental pushes).
> We have git commit messages documented as one of the things that a
> contributor needs to pay attention to in the Contributor Checklist, but
> enforcement of review has been sketchy.  I can't think of a better
> solution at the moment than a review tool that requires reviewers to
> flag the commit message as being OK.

I'm looking for something far simpler here—a script that submitters and
reviewers can run to see what's going to be committed, and some level of
project consensus that this is how patches should be posted.

Hopefully we can get to this point while still using email for patch
submission and review.


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