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Re: [PATCH] add support for GCC 9 attribute copy

On 11/13/18 3:38 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> Samuel, could you look at the build failures for i686-gnu with mainline 
> GCC after this GCC change?
> ../sysdeps/mach/hurd/dl-sysdep.c:286:26: error: '__check_abort_no_hidden' specifies less restrictive attributes than its target 'abort': 'cold', 'leaf', 'noreturn', 'nothrow' [-Werror=missing-attributes]
> (and a series of further such errors).
> Supposing that the latest GCC change fixes the s390x-linux-gnu build 
> failure, it's possible the i686-gnu failure is the last one remaining from 
> this issue.  (ia64-linux-gnu still fails to build with GCC mainline in the 
> logs, but that's a separate ICE building libstdc++, 
> reported at <> and 
> remaining unfixed.)
ia-64 has been dead for about 2 months according to my tester...  Even
if the most eggregious problems are fixed (ie, gcc bootstrap), it'll
still trip over the qsort checking stuff building either glibc or the

I'm tempted to ask for it to be deprecated ;-)


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