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Re: [PATCH 2/2] soft-fp: Add the lack of implementation for 128 bit self-contained

Joseph Myers <> 於 2018年10月15日 週一 下午11:10寫道:
> On Mon, 15 Oct 2018, Zong Li wrote:
> > Here only add the lack of implementation when building the RISC-V 32-bit
> > port.
> You're adding an implementation, not adding a lack of implementation
> (you're adding the implementation of the pieces that are needed by the
> RISC-V 32-bit port).  The same point applies to the proposed summary line
> for the commit.

I see, I will change that. I use 'lack' word because there are the
for different size in other op-*.h files, but not in op-8.h

> > These marcos are used when the following situations occur at the same
> s/marcos/macros/
> > +     * soft-fp/op-8.h: Add macros for RV32 use.
> Please see the GNU Coding Standards for how to write ChangeLog entries.
> In this case, you need to list all the new macros individually.

Ok, I modify it together in next version.

> > +#define _FP_FRAC_CLZ_8(R, X)                    \
> A previous review comment suggested a loop here.  You expressed a
> performance concern in
> <>.  Have you
> done any benchmarking since then to justify the concern and not making the
> suggested change?

No, I didn't run some benchmarks. I worry about the performance
because I saw the
code generation got more one conditional branch for the looping for
every comparisons.
The two kinds of implementation are fine for me, but there are nobody
to discussion that,
so I retained the original one.

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