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Re: [PATCH] Adjust name-prefix of in test-container.c.

On 09/17/2018 04:57 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
On 09/05/2018 05:14 AM, Stefan Liebler wrote:
On 09/04/2018 06:37 PM, DJ Delorie wrote:

Stefan Liebler <> writes:
+  if (strncmp (argv[1], support_objdir_elf_ldso,
+           strlen (support_objdir_elf_ldso)) == 0)

If we're comparing the whole name now, this could be a strcmp() instead?

Yes, of course. You are right.
I've updated the patch.



commit 79f7c31ef02a13eb6ede1393770d29cb36914754
Author: Stefan Liebler <>
Date:   Wed Sep 5 09:23:13 2018 +0200

     Adjust name of in test-container.c.
The test-container.c file assumes that is always named
     something like /elf/ld-linux-*.
     But e.g. on s390x it is named or on s390.
     There are other architectures like power or mips with similar names.
This patch introduces the new global variable support_objdir_elf_ldso
     which contains the absolute path to the runtime linker used by the
     testsuite, e.g. OBJDIR_PATH/elf/
     The check in test-container.c is now comparing against this path.
     Without this patch, test-container.c is searching invalid files / directories
     and fails to find glibc/nss/tst-nss-test3.root/tst-nss-test3.script.
     Then the test tst-nss-test3 fails!
ChangeLog: * support/support.h (support_objdir_elf_ldso): New variable.
             * support/support_paths.c (support_objdir_elf_ldso): Likewise.
             * support/Makefile (CFLAGS-support_paths.c): Add definition
             for OBJDIR_ELF_LDSO_PATH.
             * support/test-container.c (main): Search for the
             which is also used by the testsuite.

OK for master.

Reviewed-by: Carlos O'Donell <>



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