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Re: [PATCH v2] Fix strstr bug with huge needles (bug 23637)

On 19/09/18 16:59, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
On 19/09/2018 08:31, Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
On 17/09/18 11:37, Wilco Dijkstra wrote:
As reported in ,
the generic strstr in GLIBC 2.28 fails to match huge needles.  The optimized
AVAILABLE macro reads ahead a large fixed amount to reduce the overhead of
repeatedly checking for the end of the string.  However if the needle length
is larger than this, two_way_long_needle may confuse this as meaning the end
of the string and return NULL.  This is fixed by adding the needle length to
the amount to read ahead.

i think this should be fixed and backported asap as it can
easily cause user visible misbehaviour.

diff --git a/string/strstr.c b/string/strstr.c
index 33acdc5442d3e9031298a56e4f52a19e2ffa7d84..f74d7189ed1319f6225525cc2d32380745de1523 100644
--- a/string/strstr.c
+++ b/string/strstr.c
@@ -33,8 +33,9 @@
     #define RETURN_TYPE char *
   #define AVAILABLE(h, h_l, j, n_l)                       \
-  (((j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)) || ((h_l) += __strnlen ((void*)((h) + (h_l)), 512), \
-                             (j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)))
+  (((j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)) \
+   || ((h_l) += __strnlen ((void*)((h) + (h_l)), (n_l) + 512), \
+       (j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)))

so the only diff is the +n_l in the strnlen limit.
(same in strcasestr).

i think we can safely assume that n_l + 512 does not
overflow. (user object cannot be so close to SIZE_MAX,
but may be glibc should document its assumptions about
the maximum object size somewhere).

the fix looks ok to me.

Good catch, I would prefer to use a saturated math here instead and not
make such assumptions (even though it would incur in a small performance
hit for a usercase unlikely to happen).

note that even if all of the address space is available to
userspace, it has to contain glibc .text and .data as well
as a stack and the needle cannot cover all those.

there is existing n_l + 256 elsewhere in the code as well.

and needle and haystack have to overlap for needle to be that big
and it's not clear if in that case this code path can be hit.

if you still think it should be fixed then n_l | 512 works too,
but i think this is not worth changing, i mentioned the
problem because it's easier to review such code if glibc
has an explicit statement that size+1M < SIZE_MAX or similar.

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