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Re: [PATCH v2] Fix strstr bug with huge needles (bug 23637)

On 17/09/18 11:37, Wilco Dijkstra wrote:
As reported in ,
the generic strstr in GLIBC 2.28 fails to match huge needles.  The optimized
AVAILABLE macro reads ahead a large fixed amount to reduce the overhead of
repeatedly checking for the end of the string.  However if the needle length
is larger than this, two_way_long_needle may confuse this as meaning the end
of the string and return NULL.  This is fixed by adding the needle length to
the amount to read ahead.

i think this should be fixed and backported asap as it can
easily cause user visible misbehaviour.

diff --git a/string/strstr.c b/string/strstr.c
index 33acdc5442d3e9031298a56e4f52a19e2ffa7d84..f74d7189ed1319f6225525cc2d32380745de1523 100644
--- a/string/strstr.c
+++ b/string/strstr.c
@@ -33,8 +33,9 @@
 #define RETURN_TYPE char *
  #define AVAILABLE(h, h_l, j, n_l)                       \
-  (((j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)) || ((h_l) += __strnlen ((void*)((h) + (h_l)), 512), \
-                             (j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)))
+  (((j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)) \
+   || ((h_l) += __strnlen ((void*)((h) + (h_l)), (n_l) + 512), \
+       (j) + (n_l) <= (h_l)))

so the only diff is the +n_l in the strnlen limit.
(same in strcasestr).

i think we can safely assume that n_l + 512 does not
overflow. (user object cannot be so close to SIZE_MAX,
but may be glibc should document its assumptions about
the maximum object size somewhere).

the fix looks ok to me.

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