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Re: No bug or public post for commit bc680b336971305cb39896b30d72dc7101b62242

Carlos O'Donell wrote:
I don't see a public bug or post for commit
bc680b336971305cb39896b30d72dc7101b62242, did they get stuck
or miss getting sent?

All my recent regex changes have been for Gnulib only and have no effect on glibc as far as I know. Although the commit you mention affects code outside the #ifndef _LIBC area, Assaf's email <> indicated that the bug occurs only when _REGEX_LARGE_OFFSETS is 1, which is true only in Gnulib.

If after considering this you still think it's necessary to go through the glibc review process for patches that affect only Gnulib, I can do that. However, my own feeling is that the overall cost of this bureaucracy would exceed its benefit for Gnulib-only changes.

For what it's worth, as far as I can tell no current glibc contributor understands the regex code; its original author has not replied to my emails. That being said, I probably understand the it better than any other current contributor.

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