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No bug or public post for commit bc680b336971305cb39896b30d72dc7101b62242


I don't see a public bug or post for commit 
bc680b336971305cb39896b30d72dc7101b62242, did they get stuck 
or miss getting sent?

Could you please create a bug on sourceware for this issue that
we can use to track backports?

Please remember to post public patches for review even if you think
they are trivial. And defects that have user visible impact need a
bug report. If you are interested in being the regex/ subsystem
maintainer for glibc you could have assumed-consensus and commit
these patches when ready, but you would still have to post them.

commit bc680b336971305cb39896b30d72dc7101b62242
Author: Paul Eggert <>
Date:   Sat Aug 25 20:34:34 2018 -0700

    regex: fix uninitialized memory access
    I introduced this bug into gnulib in commit
    8335a4d6c7b4448cd0bcb6d0bebf1d456bcfdb17 dated 2006-04-10;
    eventually it was merged into glibc.  The bug was found by
    project-repo <> and reported here:
    Diagnosis and draft fix reported by Assaf Gordon here:
    * posix/regex_internal.c (build_wcs_upper_buffer):
    Fix bug when mbrtowc returns 0.

Thank you for fixing this.


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