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Re: Assuming consensus

On 08/27/2018 12:41 PM, Rafal Luzynski wrote:
25.08.2018 04:38 Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:
As localedata subsystem maintainer you have the right to assume consensus
here and commit this patch immediately. If you are looking for additional
review you should clarify that.

You have repeated this statement multiple times already so I'm afraid there
is a misunderstanding at my side.  So far I've been trying to follow the
Contribution Checklist [1] as closely as possible, that is:

1. Attach the patch to a Bugzilla report.
2. Post it to libc-alpha.
3. Wait some time to let the people express their concerns.
    By "some time" I mean about 1 week (usually less).
4. If there is no feedback or if there is a positive feedback or
    if we are short of time (e.g., the patch must be applied before a release
    which is scheduled in few days) then I assume consensus and push to master.

<> says “ Where someone is listed in the Maintainers column, they may at their discretion consider their own patches in that area to have consensus without waiting for third-party review […]”.

Do you mean that I should not post the locale data patches to libc-alpha
and push them immediately to master, as long as I have performed a sufficient
research off-list?  Should I post the patches after pushing (as PATCH COMMITTED)
or should I also skip this step?

All patches should be posted to the mailing list at least once. But the documented intend is that for subsystem maintainers, they can post and commit at the same time. But you are right this is done rarely.


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