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Assuming consensus (was: Re: [PATCH] en_IN: Set the correct date format for "%x").

25.08.2018 04:38 Carlos O'Donell <> wrote:
> [...]
> As localedata subsystem maintainer you have the right to assume consensus
> here and commit this patch immediately. If you are looking for additional
> review you should clarify that.

You have repeated this statement multiple times already so I'm afraid there
is a misunderstanding at my side.  So far I've been trying to follow the
Contribution Checklist [1] as closely as possible, that is:

1. Attach the patch to a Bugzilla report.
2. Post it to libc-alpha.
3. Wait some time to let the people express their concerns.
   By "some time" I mean about 1 week (usually less).
4. If there is no feedback or if there is a positive feedback or
   if we are short of time (e.g., the patch must be applied before a release
   which is scheduled in few days) then I assume consensus and push to master.

I understand that usually there will be no feedback because the change may
apply to a language that none of us can speak, or (rare case) it may apply
to a language which I can speak but few or no other people here can.  Of course,
I always try to gather the data from reliable sources and approach the native

Optionally, if a change is trivial, nondestructive, and I am absolutely sure
it is correct (like improving comments or fixing an obvious typo) then I:

1. Push the patch to master immediately.
2. Post it to libc-alpha as PATCH COMMITTED.

Do you mean that I should not post the locale data patches to libc-alpha
and push them immediately to master, as long as I have performed a sufficient
research off-list?  Should I post the patches after pushing (as PATCH COMMITTED)
or should I also skip this step?

A simple yes/no answer will be sufficient for me.

> I have no opinion on the bug itself (I
> haven't reviewed it).

BTW, I think it needs a further work, that means: the patch is correct but
the same change may be needed for more locales.




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